Satin 300gsm // zine launch + concerts

23-01 19:00 - 24-01 00:00
Studio HPKSM
Address: Storgatan 22, Göteborg

BA3 Fine Art Photography students from HDK-Valand invite you to a satin-swept launch of their zine ”Satin 300gsm”.

The zine is published two days after the opening of the poster exhibition under the same name, which will be shown at the headquarter of The University of Gothenburg, Campus Vasa (see separate event).

Participating artists: Alexander Gustaf-Thompson, Ann-Sophie Anulf, Beata Rydén, Cecilie Penney, Elton Wååg, Eric Sundevåg, Frida Braide, Hanna Antonsson, Jenny Johansson, Lisa Sterner, Marie Flarup Kristensen, Mathilda Frykberg, Matilde Søes Rasmussen, Petronella Karlsson Åslund, Sophie Forsgren

Concerts are delivered by the Gothenburg-based artists Diamond is Forever and CEAL PARO.

Come by and get your copy! ♥

Free entrance – come early due to limited space.

event Campus Vasa:

Diamond Is Forever

Inspired by early 80’s dark alternative music and the 90’s and 00’s indierock, Diamond Is Forever have managed to create their own explosive post-punk style. The band developed during the Winter of 2019 after having played at several venues in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Their first single will be released in February 2020.




… is the synthpop alias of the artist Cecilie Penney. The music is inspired by the electronica sub-genre ”glitch” and is based on minimalistic arrangements mixed with cut-up vocal samples, synthesizers and field recordings. Lyrics reflect on the relationship between new technologies, emotions and love, complementing the electric hum present in the music. The name paraphrases the therapeutic robot baby seal “PARO”, which is used in hospitals and nursing homes to have a calming effect on patients.