Pomona Dream, Madame Signy, Alphabats | Thirst Trap Club

06-09 21:00 - 07-09 01:00
Studio HPKSM
Address: Storgatan 22, Göteborg

Pomona Dream, Madame Signy, Alphabats | Thirst Trap Club

Thirst Trap Club returns for another season, bringing you some of Swedens best, up-and-coming bands for your pure pleasure! First up we bring you…

Pomona Dream
Jazz come pop influenced localists Pomona Dream return to the stage with a full line-up, bringing your ears the delight of their sun drenched boom-bap sounds. With latest single ’Silver Apple of the Moon’ released just before the summer, it was a more than welcome return to the musical spotlight. Summer is not over…it’s only just beginning.

Madame Signy
Funeral Disco from the 80’s is the name of the game for Madame Signy, as she describes herself…”it’s like Whitney Huston, if she was broke, white and a little bit worse.” It’s a given that if Whitney had wanted to get into the Funeral Disco genre this is exactly what she would have been aiming for!

Just imagine if it was possible for LCD Sound System, The National and New Order to have a baby together and when that baby was ready to move out into the world, it moved to Sweden…well that’s what Alphabats sound like. They shall be heading to Studio HPKSM to play their debut gig where you will be able to hear a handful of their never before heard songs!

100 kr at the door or buy your tickets HERE, 21:00-01:00, 18 år